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AeroGarden vs iDOO (2022): Comparing Their Best Indoor Gardens

AeroGarden remains one of the most popular names when it comes to indoor hydroponic gardens. Its Harvest Garden, for instance, is a 6-pod system perfect for beginners. If you want higher yields, the AeroGarden Bounty and Farm 24Basic hold more seed pods. Across all models, you’ll find gardens that are fairly easy to use and maintain.

However, AeroGarden systems are a bit on the expensive side. For those on a budget, iDOO is a solid alternative. Novice and seasoned gardeners can choose from either 7-, 12-, or 20-pod systems. Their only drawback is that seeds are not included in the gardens. But is this something you can overlook? Or are you better off investing in an AeroGarden system?

AeroGarden vs iDOO Harvest Comparison Chart

AeroGarden Harvest Amazon product6 podsAmazon product
iDOO 7-Pod (Basic)Amazon product7 podsAmazon product
AeroGarden BountyAmazon product9 podsAmazon product
iDOO 12-Pod (Premium)Amazon product12 podsAmazon product
AeroGarden Farm 24BasicAmazon product24 podsAmazon product
iDOO 20-Pod (Flagship)Amazon product20 podsAmazon product

AeroGarden Harvest vs iDOO 7-Pod

iDOO’s 7-Pod garden has a slight edge over the AeroGarden Harvest.

AeroGarden Harvest vs iDOO 7-Pod
The AeroGarden Harvest has a narrower profile compared to the iDOO 7-Pod garden.

If you’re new to indoor gardens, then an entry-level model is a good option. The AeroGarden Harvest, for instance, is a 6-Pod garden that’s easy to use and maintain. Once set up and plugged in, it will automatically cycle light and water systems. Comparable in size is the 7-Pod iDOO (Basic). Like the AeroGarden, the iDOO offers an automatic light and water circulation system.

In terms of design, you’re getting the same components on the AeroGarden and iDOO models as well. Both the Harvest and 7-Pod iDOO feature a base that doubles as a water reservoir. Covering this reservoir is a lid that doubles as the deck for holding seed pods. The Harvest, however, uses a 20W LED growing system, while the 7-Pod iDOO employs 24W lights.

Although these systems are compact enough for your countertop, iDOO is roomier. Its height-adjustable light panel accommodates a little over 13-inches of a plant’s growing height. With the AeroGarden Harvest, the ceiling is limited to 12-inches. iDOO’s Basic unit also has different LED light modes, each designed for a specific stage in plant growth.

AeroGarden Harvest

Capacity: 6 pods
Light: 20W
Low Water Reminder: Yes
Nutrient Reminder: Yes
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes

iDOO 7-Pod Basic

Capacity: 7 pods
Light: 24W
Low Water Reminder: Yes
Nutrient Reminder: No
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes

AeroGarden Bounty vs iDOO 12-Pod

The AeroGarden Harvest is more feature-packed compared to the iDOO 12-Pod (Premium).

AeroGarden Bounty vs iDOO 12-Pod Comparison
Here’s a look at the AeroGarden Bounty (left) and iDOO 12-Pod (right).

Sometimes six or seven pods just aren’t enough. For those who want to plant more herbs and vegetables, the AeroGarden Bounty and iDOO 12-Pod (Premium) are your midrange options. The Bounty comes in different models, which you can learn more about in our review here. However, the standard Bounty unit remains a favorite for its value and sleek design.

AeroGarden’s Bounty offers all the features from its Harvest lineup. The big additions, however, are a touch-screen panel and Wi-Fi connectivity. With the latter, the Bounty can connect with Alexa-enabled devices for remote updates. iDOO’s Premium indoor garden, on the other hand, boasts a quieter self-watering system. It also employs a fan system that simulates airflow and pollination in nature.

Despite accommodating more seed pods, iDOO’s Premium garden uses 23W LED panels only. On the AeroGarden Bounty, you’re getting a 40W panel. However, iDOO shares that its lighting panel for the 12-Pod Garden boasts two light modes. Users can choose a lighting system for growing either fruit or vegetables.

AeroGarden Bounty

Capacity: 9 pods
Light: 40W
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes
Grow Height: 24 inches

iDOO 12-Pod (Premium)

Capacity: 12 pods
Light: 23W
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes
Grow Height: 11 inches

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic vs iDOO 20-Pod

Aerogarden’s Farm 24Basic has more features than the iDOO 20-Pod garden.

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic vs iDOO 20-Pod Indoor Garden Comparison
The AeroGarden Farm 24Basic (left) and the iDOO 20-Pod Flagship Garden (right).

Seasoned gardeners who want a variety of greens will find the AeroGarden Farm 24Basic and iDOO 20-Pod (Flagship) gardens appealing. These large hydroponic systems are designed to yield fresh vegetables and herbs all year round. With its size, the Farm 24Basic accommodates up to 12 inches of plant grow height. Its modular design also allows for multiple AeroGarden Farm units to be stacked.

iDOO’s Flagship garden, on the other hand, comes with removable plant boxes. This means you can place your growing greens on the balcony or patio for natural lighting. If you keep them in the unit, you can rely on a height-adjustable, 34W LED panel. Unlike other iDOO units, however, the 20-Pod garden’s lighting system doesn’t come with multiple modes. At most, you can adjust the cycle’s timer based on your needs.

AeroGarden packs more features to its garden than iDOO. Its Farm 24Basic comes with an intuitive touch-screen control panel. It also has Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity and works with the companion AeroGarden app. The Farm 24Basic uses two panels of 60W LED lights, each of which is height-adjustable, to grow your plants. Customers also get a trellis to support the growth of taller plants.

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic

Capacity: 24 pods
Light: 60W (two panels)
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
Mobile App: Yes
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes

iDOO 20-Pod (Flagship)

Capacity: 20 pods
Light: 34W
Wi-Fi Connectivity: No
Mobile App: No
Height-Adjustable Lights: Yes

AeroGarden vs iDOO Seed Kits

AeroGarden offers an extensive catalog of seed pod kits while iDOO only offers the grow accessories.

AeroGarden vs iDOO Seed Kits Comparison
Here’s a look at AeroGarden’s 6-Pod Herb Kit (left) and iDOO’s accessory kit (right).

Looking at their respective gardens, you can tell iDOO comes with most of the basic features that the AeroGarden system offers. What sets the two brands apart, however, is their approach to seed kits. iDOO doesn’t sell its own seed kits. Instead, you get an accessory set of growing sponges and plant food. For the seeds, you’ll have to source them for yourself.

While this approach gives you control over the plants you want to grow, it’s hard to beat the convenience of an AeroGarden. Each of the company’s indoor garden units comes with a free seed pod kit out of the box. Although the seeds are pre-selected and pre-packed, you can change them up when getting new kits.

AeroGarden currently boasts over 120 types of seed pods. You can customize kits too, but they will be specific to a category โ€” like herbs, salad greens, and even flowers. If you want to source seeds somewhere else, AeroGarden also offers standalone grow kits inclusive of grow sponges, domes, labels, and plant food.


AeroGarden units are some of the best indoor gardens to get. But if you’re on a budget and prefer to source your own seeds, iDOO is a reasonable alternative.

Amazon product

AeroGarden has built its reputation on a user-friendly indoor gardening system that comes in a wide variety of models. Each of these units includes a pack of seeds already, but you can always replenish from AeroGarden’s catalog of 120 seed pod kits. For most people, however, the midrange AeroGarden Bounty is a solid venture into indoor hydroponic gardening. The 9-Pod capacity unit is sleek and user-friendly while offering Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity.

For those on a budget, iDOO offers a respectable alternative. Across its modest lineup, you’ll find many of the same features as AeroGarden systems. Its iDOO 7-Pod model is arguably one of the best entry-level models to get. iDOO gardens, however, miss out on intuitive control panels and smart features. Although grow kits are included, seeds have to be sourced somewhere else. If you’re willing to do the extra work, then iDOO should fit the bill and budget.


๐Ÿ“Œ Is the AeroGarden Bounty available in different colors?

The AeroGarden Bounty comes in black or white models. Both are crafted from matte plastic and feature a touchscreen control panel.

๐Ÿ“Œ How do you tell the water level on the iDOO 12-Pod Garden?

The iDOO 12-Pod Garden does not come with low water level alerts. Instead, the unit features a visual window that indicates water level.

๐Ÿ“Œ Does AeroGarden offer indoor gardens smaller than the Harvest lineup?

AeroGarden’s smallest unit is called Sprout. Sprout is a 3-Pod capacity indoor garden with 10 inches of grow height for your plants.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long is the warranty of an iDOO Garden?

iDOO’s indoor gardens carry a one-year warranty. They also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and are offered with free shipping.

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