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AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest (2022): Which Indoor Hydroponic Garden Should You Get?

AeroGarden is one of the most popular names when it comes to indoor gardening. The company offers several models of hydroponic systems that make growing plants uncomplicated. These include the large-capacity AeroGarden Bounty and the midrange Harvest. You can also read more about how hydroponics work in our AeroGarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite review.

Aside from a roomier growing deck, the Bounty also boasts advanced features, including Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility. Meanwhile, the compact Harvest offers a great starting point for those new to hydroponics, even though plant growth height is limited. So which Aerogarden is the best for you? Check out our comparison below to find out.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest Comparison Chart

ModelAeroGarden BountyAeroGarden Harvest
Type9-pod garden6-pod garden
Grow Light System40W LED20W LED
FinishMatte plasticMatte plastic
Low Water AlertsYesYes
Automated LightsYesYes
Custom Grow Light CycleYesNo
Dimmable LightsYesNo
Vacation ModeYesNo
Maximum Growth Height24 inches12 inches
Dimensions (HxWxD)34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches17.4 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches

Design and Capacity

The larger AeroGarden Bounty holds up to nine pods and features a touchscreen control panel. Meanwhile, the Harvest holds up to six pods and uses push-button controls.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest Hydroponic Garden Design
Here’s a look at the black variants of the AeroGarden Bounty (left) and Harvest (right).

The most obvious difference between the AeroGarden Bounty and Harvest is size. With the Bounty, you’re getting a 9-Pod garden that’s almost three feet tall. Its width is even comparable with the Harvest’s height. Between the growing deck and its light hood, the Bounty allows anywhere between 8 to 24 inches of growth.

If you opt for the Harvest, you’re signing up for a more compact garden. The system is just over a foot tall, with 5.5 to 12 inches of growth height. It’s also about 10.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep, making it ideal even for crowded countertops. AeroGarden’s Harvest holds up to six pods.

When it comes to design, you more or less get the same components. Both systems include the LED light hood and base, the bowl with a growing deck, and your set of pods. Their light hoods are similarly height-adjustable, too. The AeroGarden Bounty, however, looks the more premium of the two, thanks to a full-color touchscreen control panel.

AeroGarden’s Bounty and Harvest brandish a matte plastic finish. If you want a smarter-looking garden, you can opt for their stainless steel Elite variants. For those who prefer something a little artsier, AeroGarden also offers the Bounty Elite Artisan with a ceramic finish.


The AeroGarden Bounty has more features than the Harvest.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest Feature Comparison
AeroGarden’s Bounty comes with smart features, while the Harvest relies on basic functions.

Given its larger capacity, the AeroGarden Bounty also has the edge when it comes to features. The most obvious is that the 9-Pod garden comes with an intuitive control panel. Although the push buttons on the AeroGarden Harvest are reliable, having only three keys makes it inconvenient to access settings. Two of the keys โ€” Add Plant Food and Add Water โ€” function more like alerts, too.

On the Bounty, you have access to a full-color screen with touch-sensitive buttons. The display conveniently shows your garden’s status โ€” from the type of plant you’re growing to the water levels and reminders. Meanwhile, the buttons correspond to a couple of advanced functions you won’t find on the Harvest.

The Bounty’s lights, for instance, can be dimmed down to 30%. It’s a useful feature not just for decreasing brightness but also for low-maintenance gardening. You also have access to a Vacation Mode, which ensures your garden still grows if you’re out of the house for a few days. With the Bounty, you even get planting instructions and tips via dedicated buttons.

AeroGarden shares that the Bounty also comes with Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility. When connected to Alexa-enabled devices, users can control grow lights remotely and get updates about a garden’s health and status.

Ease of Use

The AeroGarden Bounty and Harvest allow users to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest Ease of Use Comparison
A look at the AeroGarden Bounty (left) and Harvest (right) in use, with a view of their respective control panels.

Even without a display, most people will find the AeroGarden Harvest fairly easy to set up and use. After all, there’s hardly any assembly required. Every purchase of the AeroGarden system includes a detailed and illustrated manual, too.

The AeroGarden Bounty, on the other hand, is more convenient to work with. Because you get a screen, it’s simpler to navigate across settings. With the Harvest, you’ll have to rely on touch and hold gestures to change light cycles. Alerts on the Bounty’s display are also more noticeable compared to the lighted buttons of the Harvest.

Since the grow height allowance is larger on the Bounty, AeroGarden includes a trellis with the package. This optional attachment gives additional support for taller plants to wrap around.

Like other AeroGarden models, the Bounty and Harvest are equipped with a built-in timer, too. This feature automatically manages the On/Off cycle of the Grow Lights. At the end of the day, the actual gardening will be limited to just adding water and plant food to the bowl/reservoir.

Seed Kits

Users can get their hands on a range of herb, vegetable, and flower seed pods from AeroGarden.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest Seed Pods
Pizza herbs are one of the more popular seed pods kits from AeroGarden.

AeroGarden boasts over 120 seed pod kits. They’re typically available in 3, 6, 9, and 12-Pod packs. Out of the box, you will get free seed kits together with the Bounty or Harvest model. But since they’re free, the seeds are usually pre-determined. AeroGarden also offers the pods by category โ€” herbs, vegetables, flowers, or tomatoes/peppers.

If you want specific plants, you can go for a custom seed kit. Like the rest of the pre-packed kits, the custom option will be limited to categories. You can’t mix seeds from salads with herbs, for instance. The advantage, however, is that you can opt for several pods for one type of plant.

AeroGarden also allows you to plant your own choice of seeds. For this option, the company sells its Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit that includes grow domes, sponges, as well as bottles of plant food.


Get the AeroGarden Harvest if you’re on a budget. Choose the AeroGarden Bounty if you want higher yields and more intuitive controls.

The AeroGarden Bounty and Harvest are both reliable indoor hydroponic systems that take out the guesswork in gardening. Both offer step-by-step instructions and track nutrient and water levels on their own. With its 9-Pod capacity and touchscreen controls, however, the Bounty makes the process simpler and more rewarding. But if space is an issue and you’re on a budget, the more entry-level and compact Aerogarden Harvest is the practical choice.


๐Ÿ“Œ What’s the key difference between the AeroGarden Bounty and Harvest?

The AeroGarden Bounty is a 9-Pod Garden, while the Harvest is a 6-Pod Garden. AeroGarden’s Bounty also features a touchscreen control panel, whereas the Harvest relies on push button functions.

๐Ÿ“Œ How long does lettuce grow in AeroGarden?

Lettuce is already one of the fastest crops you can grow indoors. In the case of AeroGarden, the salad vegetable can be harvested in just 3 weeks.

๐Ÿ“Œ Which is better when it comes to the AeroGarden vs Hydroponics?

The AeroGarden is actually a hydroponic system. AeroGardens use a soilless method of planting and growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Instead, water is used to bring nutrients and hydration to the plants.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the AeroGarden Bounty compatible with the AeroGarden App?

Although the AeroGarden Bounty has Wi-Fi connectivity and support for Alexa, the garden itself is not compatible with the AeroGarden App.

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