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AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite (2021): Which Indoor Garden Should You Get?

If you’re in the market for a compact but large capacity indoor garden, then consider the AeroGarden Bounty lineup. This series of 9-Pod hydroponic gardens is about twice the size of the brand’s Harvest lineup. However, the models are still small enough to place on a kitchen countertop. While they all look the same, there are key differences between the Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite. So which AeroGarden is the best for you? Read our comparison below to find out.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite Comparison Chart

ModelAeroGarden BountyAeroGarden Bounty BasicAeroGarden Bounty Elite
 Amazon productAmazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon productAmazon product
Capacity9 Pods9 Pods9 Pods
Grow Light System40W LED30W LED50W LED
FinishMatte plasticMatte plasticStainless steel
Low Water and Nutrient RemindersYesYesYes
Dimmable LightsYesNoYes
Infinite DimmingNoNoYes
App CompatibilityNoNoYes
Vacation ModeYesYesYes
Dimensions34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches

Design and Capacity

The AeroGarden Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite sport the same design but differ in their finish.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite Design Comparison
From left to right: AeroGarden Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite.

AeroGarden’s Bounty models are all 9-pod indoor gardens. They also share the same physical dimensions and components. The Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite are 16.5 inches wide and about seven inches tall. With their height-adjustable light hoods extended, these gardens are almost three feet in height. The extra inches also allow for the pods to grow up to 24 inches tall.

Although twice as large as the Harvest series, AeroGarden’s Bounty gardens are still compact enough to place on your countertop. This stands in contrast to the bulkier but larger-capacity AeroGarden Farm Family. The Bounty lineup also features digital displays, although, on the Basic, it isn’t a touch screen.

When it comes to design, finish separates all three models. On the Bounty and Bounty Basic, you’re getting gardens crafted from matte plastic. While not the most premium of finishes, it does make the two more lightweight options. In contrast, the Bounty Elite has a stainless steel body that looks and feels more durable.

AeroGarden Bounty Family Features

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite has more features than the AeroGarden Bounty and Bounty Basic.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite Features
Some of the Bounty models like the Elite (left) feature smart features like Alexa support and mobile app compatibility.

AeroGarden Bounty Basic Review of Features

As its name implies, the Bounty Basic comes with all the basic features and functions of an AeroGarden. You get a 30W LED light system, a bowl, a 9-Pod growing deck, and the seed-pod kits. Inside the bowl, you’ll find the water pump and tank for circulating water and nutrients to your plants.

Meanwhile, the base of the garden features the display and control panel. As mentioned in the design section, the Bounty Basic’s display is neither touch screen nor full color. The Basic also boasts the core functions of AeroGarden’s Bounty gardens. These are low water reminders, nutrient reminders, automated light cycle, and vacation mode.

AeroGarden Bounty Review of Features

The Aerogarden Bounty comes with all the features and functions of the Basic. However, it upgrades the digital display to a full-color and touch screen option. You also get a 40W LED light system that is dimmable down to 30%. Plus, the garden has Wi-Fi connectivity used to connect with an Alexa-enabled device. To know more about this model, check out our AeroGarden Bounty vs Harvest comparison.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Review of Features

AeroGarden’s Bounty Elite is the top-tier model in the Bounty Family. It comes with all the functions available on the Basic as well as the color touch screen and smart features of the Bounty. What makes it elite, however, is support for infinite dimming of its 50W LED grow lights. There’s also a Sunrise/Sunset feature that mimics the sun’s natural cycles. Apart from Alexa compatibility, the Bounty Elite also works with the AeroGarden app.

Ease of Use

While all three models are easy to assemble and manage, the Bounty and Bounty Elite’s advanced features offer additional conveniences.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite Ease of Use Comparison
Adding the seed pod kits to the Aerogarden Bounty Basic (left) and the trellis system on the Bounty (right).

AeroGarden’s Bounty hydroponic systems are suitable for novice and seasoned gardeners alike. The gardens are easy to assemble, while the features are designed to make gardening simple and low-maintenance. With vacation mode, you can even leave the system to grow while you’re out of the house for a few days. Since these gardens allow for taller plants to grow, you can also attach an optional trellis for support.

However, advanced features on the Bounty and Bounty Elite offer additional conveniences missing on the base model. Given how bright the LED lights can get, the dim light option comes in handy for both. AeroGarden’s Bounty allows users to decrease the light hood’s brightness down to 30% with a one-touch step. You get even more control from the AeroGarden Bounty Elite’s infinite dimming controls.

Wi-Fi connectivity on the Bounty and Bounty Elite also means you can pair your gardens to an Alexa-enabled device. This allows users to remotely control the system’s lights as well as get updates on the garden’s status. Thanks to mobile app support, Bounty Elite users can monitor their plants and get status alerts straight from their smartphones, too.

Seed Kits

AeroGarden offers a wide variety of seed pod kits for its indoor gardens.

AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Basic vs Bounty Elite Seed Kits
Every purchase of an AeroGarden seed pod will include non-GMO seeds, grow sponge, humidity domes, and plant food.

One of the main draws of the AeroGarden is the extensive catalog of seed pod kits. You can choose from over 120 different types from the company. Apart from the variety, they’re sold as packs with humidity domes and liquid plant food as well.

Every purchase of the Bounty, Bounty Basic, and Bounty Elite will include a 9-Pod kit. However, you won’t be able to choose specific plants. AeroGarden also sells seeds per category โ€” vegetables, herbs, flowers, and tomatoes/pepper. If you want basil and lettuce, for example, you’ll have to purchase them from separate kits.

AeroGarden does offer custom seed pod kids, but they are limited by category type, too. For instance, you can choose the herbs you want for the Custom Herb Kit but won’t be able to add seeds from the salads or flowers.


The AeroGarden Bounty Basic is great for those on a budget. If you have deeper pockets, however, you’re better off with the AeroGarden Bounty Elite than the Bounty.

Amazon product

Since they are the largest countertop models, the AeroGarden Bounty gardens are expensive. But the additional dollars are not just justified by capacity but the advanced features, too. Those on a budget, however, will do well with the AeroGarden Bounty Basic. While you miss out on a full-color touch screen or dimmable lights, you get all the functions needed to grow your plants.

If you have money to spare, then the choice comes down to the AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite. Both come with Wi-Fi connectivity and dimmable lights, although the latter feature is controlled better by the Elite. AeroGarden’s top Bounty model works with a mobile app, too, making it even more convenient to use. Given the price gap between the two isn’t considerable, the extra dollars you’ll spend on the Bounty Elite makes more sense than the features you lose going for the Bounty.


๐Ÿ“Œ What is the difference between the AeroGarden Bounty and Bounty Elite?

The AeroGarden Bounty sports a matte plastic body, while the Bounty Elite is made from stainless steel. AeroGarden’s Elite garden also features infinite dimmable lights and connects with the AeroGarden app.

๐Ÿ“Œ Is the AeroGarden mobile app available on Android and iOS?

Yes, the AeroGarden mobile app is available on Android and iOS. Users can download them from PlayStore and the Apple App Store, respectively.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I mix the plants I grow on the AeroGarden?

AeroGarden shares that you can mix plants from different seed kits. Herbs, salads, and flowers are the easiest to mix, according to the company.

๐Ÿ“Œ Can I get the AeroGarden liquid food plant in larger volumes?

Yes, you can. Apart from the bottles that come with the garden system, the liquid food plant is also available in a 1-liter variant.

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