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4moms mamaRoo vs BABYBJÖRN (2021): Comparing Top-Rated Baby Rocker

The right baby rocker can soothe your baby while you get things done around the house. Two of the highly-rated premium baby swings today that you might want to add to your baby registry or buy on your own are the 4moms mamaRoo and BABYBJÖRN Bouncer. The major difference between the mamaRoo and BABYBJÖRN baby swings is their swinging motion features, but keep reading about their unique features below so you can decide which is better for you and your baby.

4moms mamaRoo4 vs BABYBJÖRN Baby Swings Comparison Chart

Model4moms mamaRoo4BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft
 Amazon productAmazon product
PriceAmazon productAmazon product
Special FeaturesMultiple swing motions, multi-directional seat positionsPortable and doesn’t need a power source to bounce
Weight Limit25 lbsUp to 20 lbs for babies and up to 29 lbs for toddlers
Motion Options5N/A
Swing Speed Settings5N/A
Music4 built-in sounds, MP3 pluginN/A
Bluetooth EnabledYesNo
Seat Fabric OptionsGrey classic, Black classic, Multi plush, Silver plush, Dark grey cool meshCotton/Jersey, Cotton, Mesh
Adjustable Seat ReclineYesYes
Overhead ToysRattle, crinkle, mirror, and reversible toy ballsN/A
Item Weight19 lbs5 lbs
More Baby Bouncer Options4 moms rockaRooBABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss


The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer is more portable and can be used longer than the mamaRoo.

The mamaRoo 4 (left) is heavier and bulkier than the BABYBJÖRN

The mamaRoo baby rocker and BABYBJÖRN Bouncer are comparable in terms of durability and quality of materials used. Both are well-built and are equipped with a three-point harness to keep your baby secure while seated.

If your home has a smaller space, however, you’ll appreciate the space-saving design of the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer. The seat itself is not bulky and it can be folded flat so you can store it or carry it around easily. A lot of moms definitely appreciate being able to take the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer anywhere they go. The BABYBJÖRN also doubles as a seat for your toddlers until they weigh 29 lbs. On the other hand, the mamaRoo baby swing is not as portable. The rocker itself weighs 19 lbs and the base and the seat cannot be folded for storage.

Their seat fabric is also easily detachable and machine washable. mamaRoo carries mesh fabric newborn inserts in case you want one for extra cushion. Depending on the model, the mamaRoo’s seat fabric material is available in smooth nest knit, nylon, and soft, velvety fabric. Meanwhile, the BABYBJÖRN Bouncers are available in cotton, 3D jersey, and mesh (costs more than the others). The Bouncer Balance Soft and Bliss come in a wide range of colors as well, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste.

Swing Motion and Speed

The mamaRoo 4 has five different swing motion and speed options, while the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer is designed to bounce as your little one moves

You can control the mamaRoo using your phone (left) while the BAYBJÖRN can be folded flat (right)

At their core, the mamaRoo and BABYBJÖRN serve the same purpose: soothe your baby in their rocker while you try and get things done. The way they do this is different, though. The mamaRoo baby rocker boasts five swinging motions you can choose from: wave, kangaroo, rock-a-bye, car ride, and tree swing. mamaRoo designed its rocker’s swinging motions to replicate the rocking motion that parents typically do. You can also choose from its five speed settings and use its app to control the rocker and adjust the settings through Bluetooth.

While the mamaRoo is packed with smart features, the downside to it is it needs to be plugged for it to work. Unlike the mamaRoo, the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer doesn’t need a power source to bounce. It’s designed so that it bounces as your baby moves. Either that or you can manually bounce it yourself.

Additional Features

The mamaRoo baby swing comes with toys out of the box

Colorful toys can help stimulate and entertain your baby while you’re busy

Overhead mobile toys are not just there to keep things cute, they also help entertain the baby while in their rocker. The mamaRoo baby rocker has three overhead toys included with your purchase, while BABYBJORN carries wooden toys that can be attached to the Bouncer that can be purchased separately.

The mamaRoo baby rocker also features four built-in white noise sounds and an MP3 plugin for when you want to play your own songs. While the built-in white noise sounds may be an added feature some may like, a lot of moms prefer to use the MP3 plugin instead. The volume can also be adjusted conveniently through the app.


Get the 4moms mamaRoo if you prefer more swinging motion options, but if you’re after something portable and you can use longer, go for the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer.

Amazon product

Every baby is different, so what works for other babies may not work for yours. Some babies may prefer the different swinging motions of the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing, while some may enjoy making the BABYBJÖRN bounce as they move. With that said, we recommend the BABYBJÖRN as it’s more portable and easier to carry around when traveling. Your child can also use it as a toddler chair so you can use it and make the most of it longer.

The 4moms mamaRoo is not without its own merits. If you prefer the convenience of controlling the rocker using your phone, the mamaRoo is definitely worth it. Its larger footprint also won’t be a problem if you have enough space at home.


📌 What is the maximum weight limit of the mamaRoo baby swing?

The maximum limit is up to 25 lbs, but 4moms recommends stopping the use of the baby swing once the baby learns to sit up unassisted.

📌 What is the maximum weight limit of the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

Its maximum weight limit is up to 20 lbs for babies and up to 29 lbs for toddlers.

📌 Which is better, the mamaRoo rocker or the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

Each has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The mamaRoo is less portable, but it comes with all the bells and whistles. If you need a more portable and space-saving baby rocker, the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer suits your needs better.

📌 Can you wash the seatbelt of the mamaRoo?

Yes, it can be detached so you can wash it.

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